Thursday, April 11, 2013

The planning begins...My son's birthday party

Ever since the kids' first birthday, I get excited to plan their party! I loved their parties when they were little. The excitement on their faces with family and friends all around and when the open their gifts and eat their cake! I loved picking out the theme with their help of course!! I used to make the cakes to go with the theme for example on year for Nathan's birthday, I made a dinosaur cake. I loved that cake, it was fun to make. I wish I had a digital pic of it to show y'all! My most recent cake I made was for Alexis' 10th birthday. It was a 'pinspiration' of course!! She had her party at the local gym and their indoor pool so went with a Luau theme. How many times can I write 'their' in this post?

The Luau Cake! Easy and Fun to make! 

Well my Nathan will be turning 9 years old at the end of this month. He has asked for a Star Wars themed party this year. So what do I do?? Turn to Pinterest for help!! I've been pinning crazy lately and found a lots of great ideas!!!

I found these free printable invites. Printed and mailed out!

Name changed of course

His request was for hamburgers and a cookie cake. Done, I can do that! I found great ideas for the foods to be served like Darth Vader Taters ( tater tots), Jar Jar Links in a Blanket (pigs in a blanket), Leia Buns (pecan pinwheels) and more. I am excited to plan this party and I'm not even a big Star Wars fan. But what we do for our babies right!! I will be taking lots of pictures and will have a blog post on this hope to be fabulous Star Wars party!! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Purse Party Link Up


I'm linking up with Melanie and Erin for the Purse Party. What's in my purse...well let's see!! I usually carry my luggage a huge bag and everything is just thrown in there but lately I've been carrying a cross over bag. I love them a lot. I don't have to worry about where my purse is when shopping and don't have to worry about it falling off my shoulder 853629 times! 

I bought this beauty off Poshmark for a steal! I love it. The design on the front is pretty and it goes with everything!! ;) 

I can't fit as much as I can in my big bag but that's good! Less junk. I do have little bags to corral my little stuff. 

Yep this all fit in there!! 

My pink sequin makeup bag carries my lip gloss, a few of them! Hand sanitizer spray, Faith Hill True perfume spray, contact case for ibuprofen. 

I love my owl bag handmade by Hilani. Visit her blog here. I carry my tic tacs, more lip gloss, lotion and floss. I put this stuff in here so I can easily grab and get what I need quickly. 

This is a foldable recyclable bag. I love I can just whip it out when I forget my bags or I just run into the store for a few items. I have a thing with plastic bags...hate them! 

These items are in the pockets. Yes three packs of gum and breath mints, I like to have fresh breath!! Body spray, more lip gloss, chapstick and pocket bac, scent Dancing with Water. 

Had to include a receipt from the store that takes all my money!!! 

Well that is a look inside my purse. I forgot to take a picture of my wallet, I think got it from Target a few years ago. I need a new smaller one so it will fit better in my cross over purse! 

What's inside yours?? Are you a big purse or little purse gal? Do you even carry a purse?