Monday, October 22, 2012

Back to school

Ok I had totally forgotten about this post and it seems that it never got published. So while I'm trying to start this up again, why not publish it now!! :) A happy note, I still work with Lakeview Baptist preschool!! :)

Well tomorrow is the day, Alexis starts back school. She will be in 1st grade this year and can not wait to go. I feel really blessed to have a child that loves school. I am equally blessed that she loves to read, must take after her mommy! We went to open house last week to meet her teachers. I think we will have a good year, her teachers seem really nice! Walking to her class,we ran into her kindergartens teachers and it was good to see them! She ran up to them and gave them big hugs. Only two of her kinder classmates are in her class, so that means she gets to make new friends!! What fun! At the end of last school year, Alexis left reading on a level 4, kinders are expected to read at least level 3, so yea mommy is very proud. I'm especially excited to see how much she will learn this year!!
Now for Nathan, he will be attending preschool at Lakeview Baptist again. We really enjoyed the program at this church and definitely wanted a spot for the 4 yr old class. Tuesday we have open house to meet his teacher. I have already met them and feel he will also have a great year. His assistant teacher is Mrs. Michelle, his 3yr old assistant! School for him will start on Sept 3.
I normally would be jumping for joy to be kid free for a few hours but I accepted a position working at Nate's preschool. Mrs. Doris offered me an assistant teaching job in the 3 yr old. I'm really excited as I subbed there last school year and really liked it. I am really honored that she chose and trusted me to help teach 'her' kids. I will be working tues and Thurs. It will be kind of weird actually getting paid to work, I havn't earned a paycheck since I was pregnant w/ Alexis in April 2002.
I will being adding pictures of all our 'first' day back to school!!!


  1. hey I jsut found your blog & I think you are lovely.