Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was low key and nice. Love weekends like that! 


The kids were out of school for a work day so I took them to work with me. Luckily I work at a place where I can, a preschool! They entertained the little kids and they all were in awe of 'big' kids in the room with them! It was fun and I was glad they, my kids, behaved! 

We went to eat that night to Big Bob Gibson's BBQ.  Yummy bbq and kids eat free all day on Fridays! 

Mr C and I ordered the pulled pork sandwich that came with fries. Sandwich was good but the fries, which are usually good, had too much salt on them. Have you noticed a lot of places salting their fries Way To Much.  Alexis ordered chicken fingers and Nathan ordered grilled cheese.
Afterwards, Mr C treated us to ice cream! Yum! 

strawberry sundae from Burger King


We woke up to it snowing!! Pretty big flakes coming down. Of course it didn't stick, not cold enough but it was pretty! 
Alexis playing in the flakes!

We went to see my mom and came home to relax. Nathan had woke up the night before burning up with a fever. He felt fine that afternoon and then it came back and he didn't feel well. He laid down and took a nap. Since then it's been on and off. Crazy. I don't like seeing my baby not feel well.

So we had KFC chicken and just relaxed that night watching American's Funniest Videos. Love that show!

Sunday we all slept in. Nathan's fever came back so we didn't go to church. His fever went away around 1/2:00 and they went to their Grammie's house for a bit. While they we gone, I finally got to watch the last Twilight Saga movie, Breaking Dawn 2. 

I love all the movies but I think this was the best one!! I love Edward and Belle. I was Team Edward the whole time. I also did read the whole saga books. Books of course were better but it was nice to see it in a movie!! 

Kids came home and got ready for bed, school night. 
Then Monday morning Nathan's weekend friend the Fever came back. Ugh. Found someone to cover me at work and took a sick day. I pray that all day rest today will get rid of this fever for good!!! 

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  1. I loved Breaking Dawn Part 2!!! Sad it's all over :(