Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend was a great weekend. I got to hold a precious newborn baby. My nephew and his girlfriend welcomed a baby girl into this world!! She was born Tuesday March 19. She is a tiny little thing, petite like her momma. I went to meet her on Wednesday and then my kids met her on Saturday. Then again today, Sunday I got to hold and get some love from her!! She is the most precious thing!!!

Isn't she just Adorable!! 


After work I went thrift shopping at Goodwill. you can see my goodies I found here. Then picked up my niece from school and headed home. The kids loved when their cousin is here to play. That night Alexis had a friend over to spend the night. The girls were in bed and asleep by 11. :)


It was a rainy and yucky day here in the Carolinas. I thought Spring was here but it's not feeling like it so far. I took the kids over my mom's to meet their new second cousin. They were so sweet holding this itty bitty baby!!


 Later that night we rented the movie 'Wreck It Ralph'. It was a really cute movie.


And again... rainy and yucky.... ALL. DAY. LONG. We went to Church and enjoyed a great service for Palm Sunday. I'm looking forward to next week's Easter Service! The kids went to their grandparents for awhile after lunch and I took the time to love on baby Autumn again!!

This weekend as all weekends just go by too fast!!!

What did you do this weekend? I'm linking up with Sami's Shenanigans

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