Friday, February 1, 2013

High five for Friday

Linking up with Lauren for my first High Five for Friday


1. Rocking my Converse All Stars. I asked for these babies for Christmas so thanks Mom for getting them for me! ;) 
2. My poor brittle cracked winter nails. I have been artificial nail free for a few months now and my nails still won't grow. Someone suggested getting a gel mani so maybe I'll look into that! 
3. I have been battling another head cold thanks to the 17 preschoolers I teach. I had soup all weekend and then had Wendy's one night, baked potato and chili. 
4. The kids got their report cards Wednesday and they both got awesome grades!! I am so proud of them! So I treated them to a trip to the Quik Trip. Alexis got an oreo ice cream and Nathan got the usual, a slushie. I also treated myself to an ice cream cone. You know being a mommy is hard work, ice cream cone well deserved! :) 
5. I am loving this nail color. Essie Where's My Chauffeur? It reminds me of Spring! 

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