Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Favorites Link up

I'm linking up with Dancing With Ashley and listing a few of my January Favorites

First I'm happy that I look forward to Mondays now for only one reason. Bachelor!!! I watch every season and this Bachelor is easy on the eyes!! 

Found these in my grocery store and tried them, love them! They have peach, strawberry and mixed berry. I love the peach and strawberry. I want to try the mixed berry next. I am not a big yogurt fan but I can kill these! 

Yoga pants. I get home from work and jump into my comfy pants. I bought 3 new pairs this month and live in them!! I did buy them in hopes to excercise more...I'm working on steps! 

My monthly menu. This was the first month trying this out and it was fabulous! I plan on doing a post about it later but I love how I didn't have to think of what's for dinner?!! 

So there you have it, my January Favorites.


  1. I am a total closet Bachelor fan :) My favorite girl this season is Ashlee...or Des. Or Sarah, she is so sweet! Ok, I guess I dont have a favorite yet :) I had the day off work today and have been wearing my yoga pants all day ;)

  2. Those are favorites! I really like Des. I said earlier that I will cry if/when Sarah goes home. She is really sweet.

  3. I love your favorites. I still don't have an official pair fo yoga pants! I know, I know get with the program! I am good about making menus a week in advance but if I try for 2 I always change my mind and want something else! :)

  4. Yay for the Bachelor being back on!!! I love Monday nights :-)

    I need to get better at monthly meal planning. I don't mind cooking, but the planning part is terrible to me!