Monday, January 28, 2013

Bachelor Monday!

I admit, I LOVE the Bachelor and Bachelorette. I have watched from the very first season. Last few seasons you would find me rolling my eyes from all the drama, but I Love it!! I am thinking of doing a Bachelor Monday!

The current season has another reject hottie of the Bachelorette. Sean Lowe. He is so easy on the eyes so I'm not complaining one bit. He also is a very genuine, caring, christian guy....One you would love to take home to mommy!


Now I pick my favorites every time. Most often the ones I like, they make it all the way to the end or at least the last four. Sean's season my favorites are Desi, Lesley, Lindsay, and AshLee. I wasn't sure about AshLee until their one on one date. She seems really sweet and Sean seems to be into her. Lindsay seems like she knows how to have fun. She's spontaneous too. The weeding dress intro was a bit much tho but shows her fun side.
I loved that Kacie B came back to win Sean's heart but wasn't really sad to see her leave. She's better than this. She should sit back and chill... find out who she is. Love will find her. She was my fav on Ben's season!! ;)

So, tonight...I will be parked out on the couch under my favorite soft blanket watching my Favorite show!!

Do you watch the Bachelor??
Do you have a favorite picked??

Will you accept this rose? 

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