Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pinterest does it again.

If you know me, you know I Love Pinterest. That is my go to for what to eat tonight. This week we had meatloaf muffins. Recipe here. A bit hit for the whole family. A big plus is that it had diced up carrots in them.... adding veggies any way I can is awesome! You couldn't even taste them if you aren't a carrot fan.  I like the idea of meatloaf as muffins, helps with portion control, and also they are fun for the kids to eat!  Here is the finished product with homemade mashed potatoes and peas for sides. 

Well last night we had Chicken Enchiladas. I haven't made enchiladas in a quite some time, mainly because of the kiddos. They are basically tacos eaters but as they get older they are trying more and more variety of foods. Yay for mom!! This recipe caught my eye, recipe here.  It has cream cheese and sour cream in the ingredients....yum!! This has to be good I thought. Well it was ....ok! The kiddos didn't cared too much for them. *sad face* I think it was the texture of the shredded chicken my daughter didn't like. Oh well. Ya win some ya loose some! 

I did remember to take some pictures while fixing this...half way through! I should remember to take pictures more often so I could maybe do some step by steps! 

Ingredients all mixed together. 
looks yummy right! 

Enchiladas sauce on bottom of creased 9x13 pan. Start filling and rolling your tortillas with chicken mixture. Seam side down in pan. 
Add more cheese and rest of scallions. Never enough cheese right! Baked at 325 for 20-25 minutes. 
Yummy Deliciousness! 

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